An Urgent Action Memo From The Desk Of Bob Knox

"Privacy was good while it lasted!" David Frun,, March 18, 2013

You and I haven’t met in person yet. But I am going to be very direct and touch some sensitive topics, because the situation in the world today warrants it. You already know that we live in very unsettling times...

  • Traditional values of self-sufficiency have been converted into reliance - actually dependence - on the government.
  • A bloated, unelected, out-of-control central bureaucracy controls our healthcare, our diets and our medical records
  • Crony bankers and officials happily share your personal financial and credit information with the highest bidder.
  • Shadowy cyber crooks from far-away countries are waiting to steal your identity and assets online.

No matter what you see or hear in the media, the government, large corporations and the banks (basically the same thing) just don’t have your best interests at heart. Yes, there are good, kind-hearted individuals in all these institutions… but none of our political representatives are in control of the situation. Let me tell you… This goes way deeper than them.

Bob Knox Newsletter


All this should raise alarm bells in your head. Our nation’s world-envied Liberty is being transformed into servitude!

And these dark forces want one thing above all else – I’ll tell you what it is in due course, but I’m pretty sure you can figure it out for yourself!

But it's not all bad news. There is a silver lining. You and I can still reclaim control of our lives! We can forge our own, low-profile path to freedom. We don’t have to give up and follow the flock off the cliff. That is why I have gone to such great lengths to write this “Urgent Action” memo for you today!

Later on in this letter I am going to explain to you how to find out my savvy strategies to protect your privacy, your future, your freedom and your assets! I am going to show you how to make yourself as uninteresting and unattractive as possible to cyber crooks, corporate cronies and Big Government.

But first of all, there is a condition - you have to promise to keep these exclusive, low profile, under the radar living secrets close to the vest - deal? I don’t know how long I will be able to leave this letter online. If I am forced to take it down, it will be gone forever... and with it your chance to connect with us and learn these Premium Proactive Privacy Strategies. OK? So be sure not to procrastinate this. Get a copy of your favorite beverage if needed, and sit down to read the rest of this letter.

These shadowy forces have a name: “Banksters.” Like they don’t have enough money... they have to make yet more by expropriating the assets and private lives of average hard-working guys like you and me.

They’re running away with our right to personal privacy, liberty, freedom and education at any age. That’s what it is you know – it’s our RIGHT. Everyone has the right, under the constitution, to liberty and security of person.

Not forgetting the right to privacy - that refers to legal concept that one's personal information is protected from public scrutiny. U.S. Justice Louis Brandeis once called it "the right to be left alone."

The inalienable human right to privacy has been a subject of vigorous international debate in this era of mass, global surveillance. Meanwhile, each day that passes, the average Joe loses just a little bit more privacy. And with it, a bit more of his soul.

As you've probably figured out by now, I am a man on a mission. Before I get into more detail of how I can help you protect and reclaim what is yours, let me tell you a bit about myself.

Back in the late nineties I was running scared. I had just retired from a successful career in the military, but something didn’t feel quite right. The military had given me international experience, especially in Europe - Germany to be precise, where as a young man I participated in the handover to civilian management of the Hahn Air Base near Frankfurt.

Retired from the military, I set out to do some profound theoretical research on the banking system and personal data protection, something that had always interested me. On a whim I moved to Norway.

That's another story, but for now suffice to say I soon found myself running a successful business in the real estate sector. I lived there for six years, based in Oslo (the capital city of Norway) and investing in cities close by Oslo. I invested in rental apartment houses and single family homes, mainly for young executives and college students. I still own a large property portfolio in this oil-rich nation. That is my main source of income. Everything else I do is because I genuinely like helping people.

Back home in my native and beloved United States, as I said… something was just not right. The Fourth Amendment was being trampled on. Big American companies were just beginning to get involved in a conspiracy called Big Data. It seemed to me that this was a conspiracy against the American people. The Banksters had finally secured and perfected technology that collects, stores and processes data on every conceivable aspect of our lives. Even worse, people had been duped into giving up this information willingly!

Soon after that, the PATRIOT Act was passed. Do you know what the PATRIOT Act stands for? “Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism”. However, these ‘tools’ have been used and abused over the years by successive governments for much more than stopping terrorists or even for catching Deadbeat Dads or tax cheats.

Fast forward two decades and Big Brother's wildest fantasies have become reality. People actually enjoy exposing every aspect of their private lives on the internet.

Does it sound like George Orwell’s 1984? Damn right it does. It’s scary stuff indeed… but I assure you this is reality in 2020. And there is a lot more that I can’t write here… I may be angry, but I am not stupid. At least I want to keep myself safe, and keep information safe for my committed readers.

Today, you might have just heard of me for the first time. We are just getting to know each other. But I sincerely hope you will become one of my committed long-term readers. More on that later...

And the other horrifying thing is what this EPIDEMIC is doing to our bodies. I returned home from Norway comfortably off, but with another agenda. After learning of some injustices that affected a few friends of mine, I saw a niche and started a business in Florida helping seniors fight mistakes, fraud and bad advice in the Medicare system. I collectively saved my clients tens of millions of dollars. And to top it all off, I ended up coincidentally but proudly helping the U.S. government to catch and jail a gang of Medicare fraudsters.

The next part of the story initially came as a shock to me. Despite being an all-round nice guy, I found that certain elements in the establishment were upset by what I was doing.It seems that a lot of the "Banksters" were actually benefitting from the Medicare fraud scam.

Bottom line - I was shining the flashlight on too many secrets. There was yours truly: a gun owner, member of various pro liberty organizations seeking to support the U.S. constitution, promoting the basic human right of financial privacy, making people aware of natural herbal cures to medical conditions, and objecting to outrageous taxes the IRS was trying to charge to innocent seniors who didn’t know any better. I soon found it was as if I had a target painted on my forehead. The anti-gun lobby, the pharamaceutical lobby, the banksters and the IRS were all out to silence me.

It was time to lay low. For a while, I tried to give it all up. That was 2009. I closed my business in Florida and retired again… this time to Pattaya, Thailand where I opened a pizzeria. I hired an Italian chef, imported the best buffalo mozzarella from Italy, and my traditional thin-crust pizza, home made tiramisu and great expresso was a hit with tourists and locals alike. But after six months, I was - frankly - bored!

The fact is, nobody can snoop on you and track your every move without help. They have their accomplices. And they are not only the usual suspects. The masses don’t seem to care that dark forces around the world (some less benign than others) are colluding with their corporate cronies, gathering data on every aspect of our lives, and accessing it at will. Without going into the politics of it all, let me tell you this: the potential for abuse is enormous.

My dear readers, such as you, however, have a helping hand to combat such Orwellian attacks on our freedom.

As I think you may be, I’m an intensely private person. The nature of my work today gives me greater than average public exposure, unfortunately. But over the years I’ve learned a lot about free living, and I will be glad to share it with you!

In my exclusive monthly private newsletter, The Homesteader, I will give you tips on a collection of different, interrelated topics that you will simply not find elsewhere… for example:

  • How to manage your online profile so you look downright boring or simply stay off the radar!
  • How to Look After Your Health in the age of politicized, cookie-cutter healthcare that cannot respond adequately to Pandemics and Other Threats!
  • How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Healthcare Fraud
  • How to Protect Yourself Against Predatory Lawyers without paying a fortune in legal fees
  • How to Reduce Your Dependence on Conventional Energy: as the developed word continues to create dollars out of thin air to keep the debt bubble inflated, oil exporters like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela are likely to demand much higher prices and may eventually demand payment in crypto currencies or gold.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Steps You Should Take to Protect Yourself in the Event of a Terrorist Attack While They Remain Easy and Inexpensive
  • How to Defend Yourself Effectively Against Civil Unrest

As I said, these are just examples of the kind of things you will read about every month in The Homesteader.

Most importantly: You'll not only survive these turbulent times but THRIVE - no matter what goes on with the economy, in D.C., or in the rest of the world!

WARNING: High-tech private companies are selling sophisticated surveillance tools to government agencies to the tune of $8 billion per year… and counting! The big telecoms and internet companies are snooping on you and selling your private information to advertisers across the country and around the world

And that leads me to a question:

In a world like this, a world of Banksters putting money ahead of health, and business moguls deliberately harming the lives of honest guys just to turn a buck, who can you listen to?

Who has your back and will always give you the straight truth?

One word.

Yours truly. Bob Knox.

While the rest of the world is out there trying to do anything it can to get hold of you and your money, I’m quietly working on my projects, revealing new and hitherto unknown ways for the average guy of any age to protect his ass and his assets. (And I’m not sexist - I know I have many female followers and the term “guys” includes these ladies of course)

Anyhow, enough about me. I am not blowing my own trumpet - I just want you to know my background and credentials before I tell you more about my solutions to your problems. Solutions, more precisely, that can help you as an individual, and your closest loved ones, to put up an effective defense.

And so right now I’m releasing something that everyone or over needs in this corrupt modern society.

Let me formally introduce you to THE HOMESTEADER and tell you how you can start reading this information today absolutely FREE!

I created this private, exclusive newsletter for my fellow human beings, so I could share all the secrets and amazing knowledge I’ve learned over the years. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of topics I cover in the monthly newsletters:

  • The Shocking Truth Behind some FDA approved drugs
  • Key Preparations every responsible adult must make for food shortages
  • Freaky Ways to Take Back Control of Your Personal Dat
  • Where and How You can Legally Exercise the Right to Bear Arms Overseas
  • How to Legally Reduce Unfair Taxes
  • How to Monitor your Grandchildren's Credit Report
  • How to Create Vault-like Security Online
  • How to Take Advantage of Viable Privacy Options Worldwide - without leaving your armchair
  • How to Protect and Secure Your Retirement Funds
  • How to Use Precious Metals to Avoid Tracking of Assets by Credit Bureaux
  • Where to Hide Valuables Safely in your own Home
  • How to take advantage of Medical Tourism Opportunities

And yes, that may be a brief idea of the kind of material that is inside each issue, but right now I would like to make you a very SPECIAL OFFER, to thank you for reading this far....

Let’s face it. Earlier I promised I was going to tell you what the Banksters and Other Dark Forces want. Now I'm going to come good on my promise... It's simple. MONEY. The almighty dollar!

It’s sickening. Our founding fathers must be turning in their graves.

Profit. Plain and simple. To keep the Banksters rich, to keep their masters rich, and to keep the lobbyists in Washington in fancy cars and eating caviar for another few years.

But, again, YOU don’t have to worry about that.

Because in the HOMESTEADER you will learn about solutions that professionals like Lawyers, Doctors and Accountants wouldn’t tell you in a million years, even if they DID know them.

The things I’ll share in my newsletter will probably appear revolutionary to you. And you can be sure, I’m not going to give you vague ideas that MAY work, or things that are for everybody that you already know.

No sir. I’m not here to deceive you. I’ll show you how to accept my newsletter membership offer in just a second, but first let me tell you about another benefit:

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Now, You May Be Wondering How Much The Homesteader Will Cost You

And the answer to that is nowhere near as much as you’re thinking, and CERTAINLY nowhere near what it’s actually worth!

Before we get into the specifics, though, I need to tell you one thing above everything else:

Just like I have your back with your Privacy and Freedom, I’ve got your back here too.

I’m 100% certain you’re not only going to LOVE the content of my letters but they’ll also give you a NOTICEABLE improvement in your enjoyment of life, because they will help you sleep better at night.

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But if this is for you – if you want to be one of the insiders who knows EXACTLY what is going on and how to fix it, and be permanently more in control of your life than any of your buddies…

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Now, About That Price… Let’s get real for a second.

You value your freedom, and your liberty, right?

You don’t need me to convince you this stuff is worth a fortune to the average guy.

I mean, it’s OBVIOUS, right?.

Now, thankfully, I’m not trying to make a billion dollars here, like those Banksters we already talked about. Those guys will squeeze you absolutely dry until you’re broke from the issues they’ve caused you, if you let them.

My mission is to HELP you… and as long as I can make enough from these newsletters to cover the ongoing costs of researching and creating the materials, I’m happy - because I can concentrate on getting this in the hands of as many good people as possible.

So while each issue may well be worth many hundreds of dollars – I’ve worked hard to cut the costs down and make it affordable to you.

Unfortunately, however, there are not masses of buyers for this kind of information. I still need research staff, a website, a back office and a customer service team. After going back and forth over the numbers with my accountant, we decided the lowest price I can possibly offer The Homesteader for is $96.80.

To HELL WITH THAT, I said! We need to make this information accessible to the public at large, and I know some people will simply not want to spend nearly a hundred bucks on a newsletter.

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Still not sure? Well let's look at it another way...

We both know that SOMETHING is going on, don’t we?

We know that the powers that be only have a slim interest in keeping guys like us wealthy in our retirement… even if we are the ones that made the country what it is today.

So right now, it comes down to a choice about you, yourself, and your future.

Do you want to leave your well-being in the hands of people who don’t care about you?

To the Banksters who are quite happy to watch your potency dwindle to nothing if you don’t dig deep in your pockets and continue to make them rich?

You have the option of relying on those guys…

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To Privacy, Freedom and Liberty,

Bob Knox

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